Dart Beverage Center

Tahoe's Best Beverage Selection



Dart's Ultimate Mix and Match is the most unique and original offer anywhere.  Purchase any 4 or more from our huge selection of 12 oz bottled beers or cans, 16 oz bottles or cans, 22 oz bomber beers and 750ML bottled beers and receive a 14% discount, which Dart has designed to be comparable to purchasing a 6 pack of any one single beer.  

At Dart you have choices and with our Ultimate Mix and Match, you can choose between 12 oz beers or cans and bombers and we treat you like you were buying a straightforward 6 pack or 4 pack.  No one else anywhere offers this kind of selection with this kind of choice.

Plus once you buy 4 or more, only Dart considers 5, 7, 8, 9...as a package and gives you package pricing on everything after you purchase 4 beers.  We don't charge you a 4 pk plus 1 single, we charge you for a 5 Pack, which no one else anyone offers.