Dart Beverage Center

Tahoe's Best Beverage Selection



What Makes Dart Beverage Center so Unique?

Dart Beverage Center is Tahoe's Largest Liquor Store & Tobacco Shop and we have designed our store to be specifically different than your standard liquor store especially those in the Tahoe area.  Dart Beverage Center features the following unique areas:

1)  The Igloo Beer Cave - the largest Beer Cave in the area

2)  The Ultimate Mix and Match - our 15 door beer cooler

3)  Expanded Dart Wine Cellar - Tahoe's largest and longest wine selection

4)  The Long Line of Spirits - 5 long and expansive aisles of the best spirits available  

5)  Dart Hydration Station - cooler doors filled with soda's, teas...

6)  The All New Bomber Base - the area's only dedicated area just for 22oz beers

7) Fortress of Cider - more ciders then you knew existed

8) Walk in Cigar Humidor - perfectly stored cigars for your enjoyment

9) Gourmet Cheese, Meats & Crackers - delivered fresh and delicious

10) The Moonshine Shack Growler Station - 6 fresh drafts to go

11) Wine & Beer Tasting Area - big screen TV, seating, relax and enjoy

12) The Top Shelf - premium tequila, scotch, cognac, wine, & ports

13) Smoke Shop - cigarettes by the carton and by special order

Check out each area online or real time by stopping by for a tasting or special event (checkout our Event Calendar)

Our all new Ice Fortress Cooler specifically designed for 22 oz "Bombers" and ciders.  The only dedicated cooler just for Bombers and ciders.

The Ice Fortress