Igloo Beer Cave



Dart’s massive Igloo Beer Cave, has all of your 12 pack and larger package needs filled.  Just step in and find your favorite from among the 100’s of packages stored in the Igloo at ice cold temperatures, don’t stay too long, it’s cold in there.


Large Liquor Selection


We have a long, long line of spirits.  Dart has over 5,000 square feet of liquor inventory, more liquor inventory then most entire stores have in total square feet of shopping and storage.


Walk-In Cigar Humidor


Over $10,000 worth of premium Cigar inventory, expertly stored in Dart’s walk in Cigar Humidor.  If you don’t see your personal favorite and would like us to order it for you, send Dart an Email with your request.

Wine Cellar



Dart Beverage Center has just expanded and remodeled the entire Wine Cellar to triple the selection.  Our implemented improved product flow, labeling and display so of the 1500 wines we carry, you can quickly find what you are looking for or just explore in new and innovative ways.


Moonshine Shack


The Dart Beverage Center Moonshine Shack has 6 drafts on tap that are constantly changing providing you fresh and unique beer that you can take home and enjoy 64 Oz at a time.  Perfect for parties, enjoying the big game or just lounging around enjoying fresh draft beer.

We now have 64 oz amber glass growlers, Stainless Steel Hot/Cold growlers and Stainless Steel Beach growlers.

What Makes Dart Beverage Center So unique?


Dart Beverage Center is Tahoe’s Largest Liquor Store & Tobacco Shop and we have designed our store to be specifically different than your standard liquor store especially those in the Tahoe area.  Dart Beverage Center features the following unique areas:

  • The All New Bomber Base – the area’s only dedicated area just for 22oz beers
  • Fortress of Cider – more ciders then you knew existed
  • Wine & Beer Tasting Area – big screen TV, seating, relax and enjoy
  • The Top Shelf – premium tequila, scotch, cognac, wine, & ports
  • Smoke Shop – cigarettes by the carton and by special order

Check out each area online or real time by stopping by for a tasting or special event (checkout our Event Calendar)

Our all new Ice Fortress Cooler specifically designed for 22 oz “Bombers” and ciders.  The only dedicated cooler just for Bombers and ciders.

Ultimate Mix and Match


Dart’s Ultimate Mix and Match is the most unique and original offer anywhere.  Purchase any 4 or more from our huge selection of 12 oz bottled beers or cans, 16 oz bottles or cans, 22 oz bomber beers and 750ML bottled beers and receive a 14% discount, which Dart has designed to be comparable to purchasing a 6 pack of any one single beer.

At Dart you have choices and with our Ultimate Mix and Match, you can choose between 12 oz beers or cans and bombers and we treat you like you were buying a straightforward 6 pack or 4 pack.  No one else anywhere offers this kind of selection with this kind of choice.

Plus once you buy 4 or more, only Dart considers 5, 7, 8, 9…as a package and gives you package pricing on everything after you purchase 4 beers.  We don’t charge you a 4 pk plus 1 single, we charge you for a 5 Pack, which no one else anyone offers.

Customer Reviews

Adrienne is right, watch out for their inflated prices! Bought a 1.75 liter bottle of 190 proof EverClear which said $40 on the rack which is the price you pay most everywhere else.

I was in a hurry and made the mistake of not checking the receipt. They charged me $65.00. When I called to return it they said no returns and but thanked me for letting them know the price on the rack is incorrect.

Adrienne, I jut went to CVS after I read your comment and they had Rodney Strong Cab, but it was the California blend for $16.99, not the Napa Label which is a much better wine and much more valuable.

CVS, Grocery Outlet….They’ll carry the same Rodney Strong or other wines, but where the grapes come from or the year of the wine will be very different and that makes comparing them strictly by price unfair. Prices can vary year to year and certainly by where the grapes came from even within Napa there can be a huge difference between Napa and a more desirable specific hillside in Napa.

It can be confusing and a lot of people compare wine just by price of the Winery, but you have to look deeper at the YEAR and the region – Napa versus Central Coast or even just generic California (which in California is the cheapest label).

In France, wine regions mean everything, across the street can change the price of a wine from $100 to $500 a bottle.

I’ve yet to see any real quality wines in CVS or Grocery Outlet, they generally get generic label cheaper wines or off year wines that were of lower quality that didn’t get bought up when they were initially released and have been sitting for some years. Eventually those wines get ‘clearanced’ out in bulk and end up very discounted on the shelves of discount markets like CVS , Grocery Outlet, Food Smart…

Just left your Lake Tahoe store. Purchased 5 bottles of Rodney String Cabernet at $25 per bottle, plus tax. Stopped at CVS where it is regularly $16.99 on sale for $10.79 per bottle. Called your store and told “no returns”. Even though the purchase was made less than 20 minutes earlier. Will spread the word so others don’t patronize your store.

Absolutely love Dart, amazing selection, great customer service, pretty amazing to find such an excellent business in such a small town.

The wine selection is awesome. Can’t wait to try as many of the French and Italian wines as possible. Love the fact they now have gourmet chocolates and cheese to take home with my wine. yummy

Wow! I was in Dart today for the first time in a couple of years and the store looks awesome. They have a huge selection, new coolers, liquor aisles as far as the eye can see and a very big wine cellar. Growlers in a liquor store, super cool. My new go to store for everything. New owners, new stuff, remodel, probably the nicest liquor store I’ve ever been in.

Thank goodness it was sold to an intelligent business owner. The sales staff is TERRIFIC+! The stock is +++++++!


This store has what you need. if they don’t got it you don’t need it. excellent customer service.

Dart is great, huge selection, very fun store.