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Igloo Beer Cave


Dart’s massive Igloo Beer Cave, has all of your 12 pack and larger package needs filled.  Just step in and find your favorite from among the 100’s of packages stored in the Igloo at ice cold temperatures, don’t stay too long, it’s cold in there.

Large Liquor Selection


We have a long, long line of spirits.  Dart has over 5,000 square feet of liquor inventory, more liquor inventory then most entire stores have in total square feet of shopping and storage.

Walk-In Cigar Humidor


Over $10,000 worth of premium Cigar inventory, expertly stored in Dart’s walk in Cigar Humidor.  If you don’t see your personal favorite and would like us to order it for you, send Dart an Email with your request.

Wine Cellar


Dart Beverage Center has just expanded and remodeled the entire Wine Cellar to triple the selection.  Our implemented improved product flow, labeling and display so of the 1500 wines we carry, you can quickly find what you are looking for or just explore in new and innovative ways.

Fresh Frozen Daiquiris

Our Frozen Daiquiris Are Made From Scratch Very Fresh And Unique

Don’t Miss Trying It

What Makes Dart Beverage Center So Unique?



Dart Beverage Center is Tahoe’s Largest Liquor Store & Tobacco Shop and we have designed our store to be specifically different than your standard liquor store especially those in the Tahoe area.  Dart Beverage Center features the following unique areas:

  • The All New Bomber Base – the area’s only dedicated area just for 22oz beers
  • Fortress of Cider – more ciders then you knew existed
  • Growler Station With 10 Tap Handles With Best Flavors Always The Top Shelf – premium tequila, scotch, cognac, wine, & ports
  • Smoke Shop – cigarettes by the carton and by special order
  • Walk In Cigar Humidor With Best Cigar Collection


Check out each area online or real time by stopping by for a tasting or special event (checkout our Event Calendar)

Our all new Ice Fortress Cooler specifically designed for 22 oz “Bombers” and ciders.  The only dedicated cooler just for Bombers and ciders.

Moonshine Shack Growler Station


The Dart Beverage Center Moonshine Shack has 6 drafts on tap that are constantly changing providing you fresh and unique beer that you can take home and enjoy 64 Oz at a time. Perfect for parties, enjoying the big game or just lounging around enjoying fresh draft beer.

We now have 64 oz amber glass growlers, Stainless Steel Hot/Cold growlers and Stainless Steel Beach growlers.

And Here Is A Lest Off What We Have Currently In Stock.

Ultimate Mix and Match


Dart’s Ultimate Mix and Match is the most unique and original offer anywhere. Make Your Mix 6 Pack 12 Oz From The Single Doors And Get 15% Discount

At Dart you have choices and with our Ultimate Mix and Match, you can choose between 12 oz beers or cans and we treat you like you were buying a straightforward 6 pack.  No one else anywhere offers this kind of selection with this kind of choice.